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The Home Show

The Second Life Home Show opens tomorrow and it’s a scorcher. There are so many wonderful creators involved that it’s difficult to pick out the special ones, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide. There are 2 sims full of the best furniture makers in SL and a couple of texture shops too :), so get down there over the next few weeks and grab the exclusive items that each creator has put out. here’s a taster of mine.



We’re very proud to have been asked to take part in two major events coming up in July.  Firstly the Home Show 2013, Second Life’s premier home and garden show and it is going to be a massive month-long event.  It will be open to bloggers on June 26th and then open to the public on July 1st.

We are creating two brand new exclusive packs for the event and there may well be a freebie too.  There’s a huge list of participants and with sponsors such as What Next and Cheeky Pea, it’s going to be a well publicized event and one not to be missed, so get it in your diary now.

Also taking place in July is ‘Flux’, a new themed sales event that Limehouse have been asked to participate in. I’ve always liked the idea of these themed events and the pressure of coming up with a new pack based around a specific subject.  July opens the event with the theme of ‘Americana’, so, watch out for an exclusive texture pack appearing in the store on July 1st and maybe a built item too if I have time!

There are 2 brand new packs out this weekend, The Cotswold Cottage pack, a new Builders Pack which contains pretty much all the textures you need to build a quaint cottage.


We also have a new buttoned texture pack of pale leather, a request from a customer this week that ended up being a full pack.  These are perfect for upholstered furniture or plush headboards for beds.

Keep your ideas coming in and if we make it into a full pack, you get your copy for free!


After a hectic week, we finally put two new packs out.  The first is Seville Walls and stemmed from a brief holiday in Spain last year, where I found myself taking pictures of crumbling walls and peoples front doors instead of the usual tourist attractions! 


The second pack is another set of textures to fit a Meli Imako dress. I hope you like it. 


Next week there will be a big fabric pack in a style that’s really trending over here in the UK and of course some more crumbling walls and front doors ;P

so the first packs are out and another collaboration with Treasured Cove Sculpts….toy drums and russian dolls. both available at Treasured Cove now and then In Limehouse from November 1st…gotta get halloween over with first! Talking of halloween, the packs are all still out instore with a few more new ones coming this week. We have also been joined on sim by two new shops, ODE fashion and DLB builds, so take some time to check them out while you’re there 🙂


Coming up soon is the Winter Home collection (pack 1 is out already) and a new sculpty wood pack.

Actually it was out about a month ago and I forgot to post it here…I know, I’m bad!  It’s already been selling well, so come down and take a look at the examples for yourself.


Blame Treasured Cove, not me, though I have loved every second I worked on these packs. For me, it made a nice change doing something gory. Both my packs and the TC sculpty packs are available in Limehouse now.






Again working with Carpe of Treasure Cove we’ve created textures for his Decor Pack 1, a huge selection of glossy balls on a crackled effect bowl, complete with realistic shading and reflections. You can buy both this pack and the actual sculpty pack in Limehouse now.

Well, I finally got round to finishing the third wood pack and i’m pleased with the result. In this pack you will get 40 wood textures created to fit sculpted furniture.

There will be a coloured wood pack coming soon too, so look out for that!

Again in collaboration with Treasured Cove, we’ve created a selection of glazed vase textures and candle textures…come and grab both the textures and the sculpty pack instore now (also sold at Treasured Cove)